Lkld Downtown Terminal
MLK Jr Ave & GJB
MLK Jr Ave & Parker St
MLK Jr Ave & Emma St
MLK Jr Ave & W 5th St
W 10th St & MLK Jr Ave
W 10th St & N Lincoln Ave
W 10th St & N Amos Ave
W 10th St & Parkhurst Ave
W 10th St & Providence Rd
W 10th St & Connestee Rd
W 10th St & Montrose Ave
N Brunnell Pkwy & W 2nd St
Jewell Ave & W Memorial Blvd
1919 W 10th St
Winston Academy of Engineering
Sutton Rd & Swindell Rd
Swindell Rd & Doreen Dr
Swindell Rd & Keen Ct
Swindell Rd & Milner Rd
N Galloway Rd & Swindell Rd
Swindell Rd & Bryon Ct
The Pines
Swindell Rd & Lazy Oaks Ln
Swindell Rd & Bryon Ct
Swindell Rd & N Galloway Rd
N Galloway Rd & Milner Dr
N Galloway Rd & Mercury Dr E
N Galloway Rd & Sutton Rd
Kathleen High School
N Wabash Ave & Emma St
N Wabash Ave & Yeats Ave
N Wabash Ave & Nixon St
Olive St. & Southern Ave.
Olive St. & Arapahoe Ave.
Olive St. & Montana Ave.
447 S Central Ave
S Central Ave & Oakhill St
S Central Ave & Josephine St
W Highland St & Pinewood Ave
W Highland St & Kings Manor Tr Ct
S Wabash Ave & W Highland St
Ariana St & Ariana Village Blvd
1510 Ariana St
Central Park Plaza
S Central Ave & W Belmar St
Sikes Blvd & Lake Hunter Dr
Sikes Blvd & W Greenwood St
Sikes Blvd & Hartsell Ave